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March 19, 2024 | Mark Swigert

Corso Pilota Testimonial: Incredible Track Driving Experience at The Thermal Club

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This two-night, three-day event was filled with fun, social networking, and exhilarating driving with an amazing team.

Mark Swigert
March 19, 2024

As I sit here recalling the unforgettable track driving adventure I experienced at The Thermal Club in Thermal, CA, I can't help but feel a rush of excitement all over again. This two-night, three-day event was filled with fun, social networking, and exhilarating driving with an amazing team. From the heart-pounding laps around the track to the enlightening lectures, every moment was brimming with adrenaline and camaraderie.

Day 1: March 2nd
After a breathtaking four-hour drive from LA to Palm Springs, soaking in the mesmerizing desert vistas along the way, I finally arrived at The Thermal Club. Greeted by warm smiles and a palpable sense of excitement for the days ahead, I knew I was in for an unforgettable adventure. The evening commenced with a delectable dinner, setting the stage for the thrilling adventure that awaited us.

Day 2: March 3rd
Rising bright and early around 7AM, I eagerly headed to breakfast, gearing up for the action-packed day ahead. Stepping into the paddock, we began with a morning warm-up lecture and stretching session to prepare for the first driving session. The driving theory lectures provided invaluable insights, and I absorbed every nugget of knowledge shared by the expert instructors.

As the day progressed, I found myself pushing my limits on the track, mastering car control techniques, and refining my skills with each lap.In addition to the main track driving sessions, we also received training on car control outside the track, practicing power oversteering and emergency braking.  After each driving session, we had time to rest and mingle, networking with other participants. During breaks, we even had the opportunity to consult with performance engineers and review data—yes, they monitored everything from brake pressure to speed —and discuss how I could improve in the next round. Throughout the day, the presence of performance coaches and the onsite health team ensured that we were supported both on and off the track, with fun games to improve reaction times and shoulder massages to alleviate any tension.

As the training session wound down around 5 PM, we took some time to rest and freshen up before enjoying a delightful evening of drinks and a four-course dinner. The relaxed atmosphere provided the perfect opportunity to unwind and connect with fellow participants, sharing stories and laughter as we reflected on the day's adventures.

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Day 3: March 4th

The second day was even more intense, resembling a next-level training experience. We aimed to achieve higher goals on the track, and during the car control training, we practiced sliding circles (similar to donuts) and participated in driving contests. The day culminated in a closing ceremony, where we gathered to celebrate our accomplishments and bid farewell.

This Corso Pilota experience at The Thermal Club was truly one for the books—an exhilarating blend of learning, skill-building, and pure excitement. I left feeling empowered and inspired, ready to take on the road with newfound confidence and expertise.