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April 15, 2024 | Xinyi Tan

Indulge in Automotive Excellence: Cavallino Classic Modena 2024

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Cavallino Classic Modena 2024 transcends borders and continents, journeying from the shores of Florida to the heart of Enzo Ferrari’s birthplace, Modena.

Xinyi Tan
April 15, 2024

From May 17th to 19th, this esteemed "Concorso d'Eleganza" will unveil 25 meticulously curated automotive masterpieces against the captivating backdrop of Modena's charm.

Nestled just moments away from Enzo Ferrari's historic birthplace, Casa Maria Luigia awaits to envelop guests in three unforgettable days of luxury and refinement. Hosted by the culinary virtuoso, Massimo Bottura, renowned for his Michelin-starred creations, this exclusive retreat promises an unparalleled experience.


Cavallino Classic Modena

Bacchelli & Villa: Masters of Automotive Restoration

Located in Modena, just like the event's illustrious setting, Bacchelli & Villa stands as an exemplar of automotive restoration excellence since 1972. Specializing in Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati coachwork, the craftsmanship spans from meticulous repaints to comprehensive rebuilds, ensuring each classic car receives meticulous attention to detail.

Celebrating the Ferrari 275's 60th Anniversary

In 2024, the spotlight shines on the Ferrari 275 as it celebrates its 60th anniversary. Bacchelli & Villa, renowned for their expertise in this iconic model, proudly showcase their restoration mastery with a glimpse at their remarkable work on the 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 S/N 10621. This project serves as a testament to their dedication to preserving automotive heritage.


1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 S/N 10621


World Class Restoration

Bacchelli & Villa welcomes any level of restoration: from the simple repaint to a complete rebuild and restoration of your classic car.