Ferrari 599 GTO

The Ferrari 599 GTO is the company’s fastest ever road car and boasts a sophisticated technological set-up that delivers unprecedented performance and overtakes, in terms of lap times, the Ferrari Enzo itself. Just as the GTO from the 60s, the newest GTO is astonishing due to its superiority on the road and at the track. Only 599 GTO will be produced, each wearing a numbered plate reading “one of 599”.

Designed by Pininfarina, the 599 GTO is not only more boisterous than its parent, its look proves it. Front, side and rear aspects are bolder and more aggressive. Paint treatments and colors recall the Ferrari’s triumphant race cars of the past. Two-tone treatments, including a signature red and black, are instantly eye catching. Inside, a virtual race engineer tips off the driver when the car is ready to be driven hard. A screen reveals the engine’s status to maximize performance. The 599 GTO comes in rosso corsa with a Silverstone matt. This is what Ferrari Design Center defines the 599 GTO “basic colors”. Of course, customers can personalize their cars as they desire.


The 599 GTO 6.0 liter, V12 engine produces 670 hp at 8500 rpm and sets the timer to blow past the 0-62 mph in a grin-inducing 3.4 seconds. Carbon fiber is in evidence throughout, including in the cockpit where it is used to reduce weight and as a design element thanks to its non-reflective matt finish conveying a racing touch. The last F1 transmission allows to switch gears in a lightning-quick 60 milliseconds and gear ratios are 6-percent shorter than the GTB’s.

The 599 GTO’s aerodynamics benefit from Ferrari F1 & 599 XX engineers’ experience contributing to significantly increasing down-force without impacting on drag.
The 599 GTO’s more aggressive character is also apparent in a number of styling elements that recall the 599XX and the powerful sound of the V12. The 599 GTO is equipped with the latest, second-generation carbon-ceramic brakes which are lighter and offer better performance, new aerodynamic innovations (such as the wheel doughnuts which increase aerodynamic efficiency and improve brake cooling) and the Supersport tires developed by Michelin. The driver-car interface is also new thanks to the Virtual Race Engineer (VRE), which provides the driver with instantaneous information on performance.

The 599 GTB’s performance is clearly tangible in the Ferrari 599 GTO. But the real incubator in the 599 GTO is the 599XX, a 700 hp track-only car. The 599 GTO’s niche is between these two cars: more menacing and less refined than a GTB, less raucous than an XX. To improve the performance of the GTO version, engineers shaved 100 Kg off the weight of the 599 GTB Fiorano F1 version. They achieved the result by reducing the aluminum skin’s thickness by 0.1mm and with a more extensive use of carbon fiber as well as lightweight composite materials. First seen on the 599XX, the second-gen carbon-ceramic discs (CCM2) are now mated to pads of the same material for increased consistency, improved stopping power and lighter weight.

The car-driver interface was designed to maximize car and driver performance to ensure great efficiency and minimum distraction. The Racing manettino also puts the emphasis firmly on sporty, track-specific driving settings. The ICE position on the 599 GTB Fiorano has been replaced by CT-Off (traction control off). The GTO is also fitted with longer carbon-fiber F1 paddles for easier use in high-speed driving

Technical Specs

Dimensions and weight
Overall length             
Overall width                
Front track
Rear track                  
Dry weight*                   
Weight distribution
Fuel Tank Capacity
Boot volume      

Total displacement       
Maximum power**      
Maximum torque 
Bore & stroke  
Compression ratio     




Maximum speed
0-62 mph 

Fuel Consumption & Emissions

Fuel Consumption*


Carbon Ceramic Brakes


CTS with F-1 Trac:

*Combined cycle (ECE+EUDC).
European version

185.4 in
77.2 in
52.2 in
108.3 in
67.0 in
63.7 in
3296 lb*
47% Front - 53% Rear
27.7 US Gal
11.3 cu ft

65° V12                       
366.08 cu in
670 CV (500 kW)** at 8250 rpm
620 Nm (457 lbs/ft) at 6500 rpm
3.62 x 2.96 in

285/30 ZR20"
315/35 ZR20"

> 208 mph
3.35 sec

411g CO2/km

F1 6-speed + reverse

Magnetorheological Suspension Control

15.7 x 1.5 in
14.2 x 1.3 in

Traction and stability control
Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System

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