Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

599 for the displacement of its V12 engine, GTB as in Gran Turismo Berlinetta, after the most famous Ferrari berlinettas ever built and Fiorano after the famous private track Ferrari uses to hone its F1 and road cars. This stunning all-aluminum two-seater coupé is summed up rather succinctly by its name and delivers everything that this promises.

The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano sets a new benchmark of excellence in the sports car world. With its 620 bhp Enzo-derived 5,999cc V12, the 599 GTB Fiorano sprints from 0 to 62 mph in an astonishing 3.7 seconds and boasts a top speed in excess of 205 mph.

These impressive performance figures are reinforced by cutting-edge technology that includes the F1 gearbox, which shifts in just 100 milliseconds. Also among the sophisticated elements are F1-Trac traction and stability control designed for even greater cornering grip and magnetorheological (MR) fluid suspension for peerless body control.


The 599 GTB Fiorano is designed by Pininfarina and it is striking sculpted car.
The car shape conveys its extreme sportiness, yet still retains a unique sophistication. 599 GTB lines are the result of an extensive wind tunnel testing to achieve results in terms of both down force and drag.

Aerodynamic development on the car’s underbody, the rear diffuser and flying buttresses (which direct the air flow from the glasshouse towards the rear deck spoiler) have resulted in 352 lbs of down-force at 186 mph.

Despite this excellent figure, the drag coefficient is a low 0.336.

The interior design accentuates the cars sporty nature as well as a feeling of intimacy and safety that only skilled handcrafting and detailed personalization can achieve. The cabin of the car is lined with sumptuous leather, while the cockpit features carbon fiber and aluminum trim.

The new 599 GTB Fiorano boasts attractive new styling elements including new adaptive racing seats featuring carbon fiber side bolsters, the steering wheel mounted manettino and the central rev counter with a choice of red or yellow background. Additional standard features include: Bi-Xenon headlights, LED rear lights, dusk/rain sensors, dual-zone climate control, electrically adjustable steering column, hideaway CD player, and key with an integrated volumetric anti theft device along with motion sensors.

Sumptuous leather trim is tastefully combined with high-tech detailing in carbon-fiber and aluminum for a unique ambience. Additionally, there are novel styling cues including a central grip to provide extra support for the passenger and new adaptive racing seats featuring carbon-fiber side rests. Considerable attention was also paid to the 599 GTB Fiorano’s packaging. 85 percent of the curb weight is concentrated between the axles for a low polar moment of inertia. The long wheelbase (nearly 10″ longer than the 575M Maranello’s) ensures optimum cockpit space. There’s also a class-leading trunk that ideally suits the car’s grand touring capabilities.

The Ferrari 599 GTB benefits from the vast number of personalization options available on every Ferrari model. This program covers four areas: Racing and Track, Exteriors and Colors, Interior and Materials, Equipment and Travel. The Racing and Track options include CCM (Carbon Ceramic Material) brakes, 20″ Challenge one-piece rims with run-flat tires, four-point harnesses and a cockpit roll bar.
The Scuderia wheel arch shields and colored brake calipers complete the look. Interior and Materials options include a new Enzo Ferrari-inspired carbon-fiber steering wheel with LED rev display which can be specified along with a special carbon-fiber trim kit for the door panels, instrument panel, gear lever trim, and door-sill kick panels.  Various types of leather trim are also available for the seats and interior too.
Travel and Equipment accessories include front and rear parking sensors, iPod-friendly set-up, satellite anti-theft system, and a luggage set specially tailored to fit this model

The technical specification of the engine speaks for itself: 5,999-cm3 of displacement and a specific power output of 103 hp per liter. Twin overhead camshafts per cylinder bank allow for continuously variable timing on both intake and exhaust to optimize torque delivery and drivability at both low and high RPMs.  A twin plate, low inertia clutch unit helps to lower the center of gravity. Chain driven distribution reduces noise and is maintenance-free.

The 599’s engine delivers a maximum torque figure of 608 Nm at 5,600 rpm, allowing the car to pull well at any engine speeds.
The new model’s breathtaking sportiness is due in part to its high rev range for an engine of this displacement. Its maximum power output is 620 hp at 7,600 rpm while its maximum rpm is 8,400 rpm.  Particular attention was placed on reducing fuel consumption, which is the same as in the previous model under similar use, despite a significant leap in performance.

599 GTB Fiorano developments focused specifically on the distinctive sound the engine makes, that reduces mechanical resonance in favor of a pure V12 soundtrack from both the intake manifold and the exhaust system. This not only enhances driving pleasure but also makes for a quieter ride inside the cabin itself.

F1 Super-fast Gearbox
The new generation F1 Superfast gearbox debuting on the 599 GTB is an evolution of the F1 gearbox.  The F1-Superfast system enhances the car’s high performance capabilities by using the kinetic energy within the transmission components, and the integrated electronic engine and gearbox management programs to speed up gear change times.

The different stages involved in changing the gears are implemented in parallel (non-sequentially) and deliver an exceptionally fast gear change.
This allow to cuts overall shift times to just 100 milliseconds. This system is integrated with the manettino and the driver is still free to choose between either the Automatic mode or the Launch Control setting which offers smoother starts from standstill.

SCM Suspension
For the first time in the high performance sport car history, the 599 GTB Fiorano boasts the SCM (Magnetorheological Suspension Control).

Unlike traditional dynamic suspension systems, the magnetorheological (MR) fluid suspension system will react instantly to road conditions and driver inputs.
The viscosity of the fluid in the dampers is modified by applying an electronically controlled magnetic field thereby instantly modifying the stiffness of the suspension. This is translated into a greatly improved body control that directly improves handling and road holding ability thanks to optimal tire grip in all road conditions. The result is a much safer and enjoyable driving experience with a reduced roll and greater control over the vehicle while accelerating, braking, and cornering.

The F1-Trac is integrated with the manettino which adapts the car’s behavior to the driving conditions. The Sport setting is for an easy and less aggressive driving, while Race ensures clients maximum performance combined with consistently brilliant handling.

The experience built up over thousands of miles of Formula 1 testing and racing by Ferrari’s drivers is now being utilized to ensure cutting-edge road holding, safety and stability.  The F1-Trac costantly monitors the speed of both front and rear wheels and features predictive software that estimates the maximum available grip in advance. Then it compares this information with the vehicle dynamics model stored in the control system and adjusts its reactions to suit, optimizing traction by modulating power delivery.
The result is an easier and smoother high-performance driving, thanks to maximum grip out of bends (a 20% increase in acceleration compared to a traditional traction and stability control system) and predictable handling even in extreme situations.

The 599 GTB Fiorano features the steering wheel-mounted manettino vehicle dynamics control switch that was originally developed for the 1996 Formula 1 season. The manettino integrates the stability and F1-Trac traction control systems, the F1-Superfast gearbox and the SCM (Magnetorheological Suspension Control) fluid suspension.

The Maettino allows the driver to select the correct setting for the grip conditions at any given time. The manettino’s readouts are displayed on the new on-board Multi Display unit so that the information important to each specific setting is instantly available to the driver (e.g. lap times, tire temperature and pressure or trip computer readouts).

Technical Specs

Dimensions and Weights

Overall length:  
Overall width:    
Front track:     
Rear track:     
Dry weight:      
Kerb weight:       
Boot (trunk) capacity:      
Fuel tank capacity: 
Weight distribution:

Cast Iron Brakes

Unit displacement:      
Total displacement:      
Compression ratio:    
Maximum power:   
Maximum torque:       
Maximum revs per minute:     
Specific output:


Tires pressure and Temperature Monitoring System

Control for Stability and Traction

Front (OPT):

Magnetoreological damping Control:

Maximum speed:    
0-62 mph:
0-124 mph:

Fuel Consumption

CO2 Emissions

183.7 in
77.2 in
52.6 in
108.3 in
66.5 in
63.7 in
3482 lb*
3722 lb*
11.3 cu ft
27.7 US gal (23.1 UK gal)
47% front – 53% rear

13.9 x 1.3 in
14.2 x 1.3 in

65° V12
3.62 x 2.96 in
30.51 cu in
366.08 cu in
456 kW** (620 CV) at 7600 rpm
608 Nm (448,38 lb ft) at 5600 rpm
8400 rpm (with limiter)
103 hp/l

Manual or F1; 6-gears+Reverse


CST with F1-Trac

245/40 19"
305/35 20"
245/35 20"


over 205 mph
3.7 s
11 s

21.3 l/100 km

490 g/km

*European market version, manual gearbox
**For reasons of homogeneity, engine power is expressed in kW, in accordance with the International System of Units  (SI).  The brake horse power (bhp) can be calculated as follows: 1 kW – 1.34 bhp

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