Ferrari 430 Scuderia

The Scuderia is light and powerful, with improved aerodynamics, responsive braking enhanced by carbon-ceramic disc brakes and, thanks to modified manettino settings, an even more performance-oriented suspension, gearbox and differential software.

These enhancements allow the 430 Scuderia to lap Fiorano in the same time as the Enzo. With the 430 Scuderia, Ferrari has confirmed its status as a manufacturer of road cars that combine the most sophisticated F1 technology with class-leading performance. With its 2750lb (1250kg) curb weight and 503 horsepower, the car is destined to become a milestone in Ferrari’s long line of high-performance V8 Berlinettas.


The 430 Scuderia is the new Ferrari high performance mid-engine Berlinetta with an 8 cylinder engine. The model, based on the current F430, has some extraordinary characteristics which make it stand out amongst the other Ferrari models and turn it into a unique supercar.

The 430 Scuderia is without doubt the strongest and purest Ferrari. It is the purest expression of Ferrari DNA in terms of uncompromising sportiness. As lightweight and essential in all its aspects, it has an appearance and a sound of immense impact.

430 Scuderia is the car which benefits most from the solutions and the experience made in the world of motorsport. It combines handling, control and performance in perfect balance. The 430 Scuderia has registered lap times on the Fiorano race track comparable to those of the Ferrari Enzo, the most powerful supercar ever produced by the Prancing Horse.
The 430 Scuderia is not simply a lightened version of the F430. The current F430, in both Coupe and Spider trim, will stay in production to satisfy the demands of clients to whom comfort and daily usability are of more concern than simply pure, unbridled performance. The 430 Scuderia, rather, is the perfect car for the most passionate and sporty customers, for clients who often use their car on race tracks and on closed off circuits, looking to frequently be pushing the limits of performance.

Innovative Contents

  • Performance to weight ratio* 2.45KG/BHP
  • F1 SuperFast2 Superfast gearchange and specific gearbox transmission
  • V8 Engine interventions concentrated on its performance
  • Sound Elevated exhaust pipes and new silencer
  • E-Diff2 E-Diffcon evolution for F1 Trac traction control
  • Racing Manettino – Better alignment for race track use
  • Specific Setup Performance index and separated dampers
  • FXX derived Aerodynamics Optimization “Base Bleed”
    *Weight reduction of 100kg


The concept of the 430 Scuderia was based on enhanced performance and dynamics. Therefore the basic design of the F430 was honed to improve the aerodynamics without increasing drag. Ferrari’s engineers worked to increase downforce, adopting a more pronounced profile of the lower bumper’s leading edge, a new central lower flap, more angular front air intakes in the bumper and wider-meshed grilles. At the rear, the gain in down force over the front axle is balanced by a more prominent nolder on the leading edge of the tail, and a completely re-designed rear diffuser.
The 430 Scuderia bodywork generates 75 kg (165 lbs) of down force at 150 km/h (93 mph) and over 300 kg (660 lbs) at maximum speed. The 430 Scuderia sits 15 mm (0.7 in) lower than the F430 and features new sills with larger air intakes to the engine compartment. Other changes involve new 10-spoke alloy wheels, carbon-fiber wing mirrors and a new rear bumper with high exhaust tailpipes as seen on the Ferrari Challenge racing version of the F430.


Contributing to the 430 Scuderia class-leading power-to-weight ratio is a typically sporting and Spartan interior. Weight has been saved by using specific materials: from the grippy, standard technical fabric trim for the seats to the extensive use of carbon-fiber for the main interior fittings, such as the inner door panels, central tunnel and the seats themselves.

The latter ? known as Super Racing seats – are a development of those used in the Enzo, with a carbon-fiber shell and manual adjustments, and come in three sizes. Additional weight has been saved by reducing the sound-proofing material (albeit without reducing acoustic comfort) and by removing the carpeting. The floor is now in aluminum, with parts of the underlying aluminum chassis visible.
The instrument display has new graphics and the steering-wheel mounted paddles come in carbon-fiber as standard. Like most Ferraris, the 430 Scuderia benefits from a wide range of personalization options from the Carrozzeria Scaglietti programme, with special focus on the Racing and Track areas.

Technical Specs

Dimensions & Weights

Overall length:
Overall width:
Boot capacity :
Fuel Tank:
Carbon Wheel base:
Front track :
Rear track:
Ceramic brakes
Tyres front:
Tyres rear:
Dry weight:
Kerb weight :
Weight dist:

177.6 in
75.7 in

235/35 19″
285/35 19″
43% Front, 57% Rear
Engine and Transmission

Bore and Stroke:
Total displacement:
Compression ratio:
Maximum power:
Specific output:
Maximum torque:
Maximum revs per minute:
Electronic differential E

90 degree V8 aspirated
263 cu/in
E-diff +F1 Trac
375.4kW (510CV) at 8500rpm
118.4 CV/liter
F1, 6 gears + reverse
470Nm (346.67lb/ft) at 5250rpm
8640 (with limiter)

Acceleration 0 to 62 mph:
Maximum Speed:
CO2 Emissions Combined:
0 to 124 mph:
0 to 1000m:
Dry weight/Power:
Fuel Consumption Combined:

Less than 3.6 s
198 mph

CST Stability and Traction Control with new traction control logic F1-Trac integrated with the electronic differential (E-Diff)

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